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Is an 8 weeks training course a good way to get in to MMA?

An 8-week training course with Ultra-MMA can be a good introduction to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), especially for beginners or individuals with some background in martial arts or combat sports.

Advantages of an 8-week MMA training course:


Basic Fundamentals: The course can provide a foundation in fundamental techniques and principles used in MMA, such as striking (boxing, kickboxing), grappling (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling), and basic defensive manoeuvres.

Fitness and Conditioning: MMA training is physically demanding and can offer a challenging full-body workout, improving strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Confidence Building: Participating in the course can boost confidence and self-esteem as you learn new skills and techniques.

Exposure to Different Styles: MMA incorporates various martial arts disciplines, and the course may expose you to different styles, helping you identify which aspects of MMA interest you the most.

Access to Experienced Coaches: Ultra-MMA employ reputable training facilities with experienced coaches who can guide you and provide valuable feedback.

Low Commitment: An 8-week course allows you to try out MMA without a long-term commitment. If you discover a passion for the sport, you can decide to continue training afterward.


Ultimately, an 8-week MMA training course can be an excellent starting point for individuals interested in exploring the sport. You can then progress further and truly immerse yourself in MMA, ongoing training, dedication, and continued learning from experienced coaches are necessary.


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