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For many years fight sports debated who was the best. The boxers thought they would beat the karateka that practice karate and the wrestlers thought they were more capable than the kickboxers and the Jiu-Jitsu guys thought they could beat everyone.

“There were no weight categories and no judges”

On November 12th 1993 in Denver Colorado, the first Ultimate Fighting Championships were held – UFC 1. It was the first event of its type, pitting fighters from different disciplines against each other in brutal bouts with no rules, weight categories or time limits. It was an 8-man knockout tournament with $50,000 for the winner.

UFC 1, November 12th, 1993
UFC 1, November 12th, 1993

Below is a list of the rules as they were then, which are brutal:

  • No doping probes.
  • No holds barred.
  • No rules.
  • No mandatory gloves and combative uniform (bare-knuckle contest).
  • No judges’ scores.
  • No time limits.
  • Knockout, tap out, or corner stoppage(indicated by a towel) is the only determination methods. The referee could only halt a match pending the corner decision.

There were no weight categories and no judges. The only things that were not allowed were groin shots, eye-gouging and biting.

Royce Gracie from the world-famous Gracie Jiu-Jitsu family won the event and that elevated Jiu-Jitsu to become one of the most recognised fighting methods in the world. As the UFC has grown fighters have entered with specific capabilities in certain arts and to be a top fighter you need to be incredibly competent in several disciplines with BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu), boxing and kickboxing/Muay Thai being the most popular disciplines.

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Over the years the UFC has come a long way from the initial no-holds-barred fights. The first event was held in Denver specifically to avoid any regulation and allow such brutal contests to go ahead. In 1996 Senator John Mcain attempted to ban UFC in all 50 states and this threat lead to rules being unified for MMA in November 2000 to ensure its future and its success. Over the following years, the UFC continually developed to the slick productions you now see on TV.

It’s quite incredible to think that in the space of 27 years the UFC has gone from no-holds-barred fighting to be one of the most-watched sports on the globe.

Ultra MMA Participants taking part in a spectacular event
Ultra MMA participants taking part in a spectacular event where they compete in front of friends and family.

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Mixed Martial Arts(MMA) is a difficult sport to get into because it involves several different disciplines and to compete professionally you need to be pretty good at them all across the board. You will need to learn:

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Kickboxing/MuayThai
  • Boxing

Ideally, you should join an MMA gym to make a start. There are many reputable gyms across the UK and if you look on the Ultra MMA website you will see a long list of gyms in almost all areas.

Ultra MMA offers a unique proposition in that we give you 8 weeks of FREE training in the 3 disciplines listed above with a set fight date at the end of the 8 weeks. In exchange for 8 weeks of FREE training, we ask that you sell some tickets to your friends and family so that they can come and support you at the event and raise some money for Cancer Research UK. All in all, it’s a pretty awesome arrangement because you get it for free.

How Can I Get Into MMA
Participants taking part in an Ultra MMA event after completing 8 weeks of free training.

These are the steps to taking part in an Ultra MMA event:

  • Sign up at
  • Join the event Facebook group provided for more information.
  • Attend a registration meeting for information and to ask any questions that you may have.
  • Start your MMA training.
  • Sell some tickets to friends and family.
  • Raise some money for CRUK.
  • Learn new skills throughout the training.
  • Take part in an amazing event and have an incredible experience.
  • Continue training at the MMA gym forever and get even fitter and better at MMA.

MMA is a fantastic sport that will get you focussed, fit and teach you a range of skills and Ultra MMA is a brilliant way to be introduced to it.

Start your MMA journey today

Mixed Martial Arts is a tough sport, and it requires fitness and strength as well as good technique.

If you are planning to take part in an Ultra MMA event there is a specific 8-week training period before the event takes place. During this, you will have 2 or 3 lessons per week which will be based around BJJ, boxing and kickboxing. You will naturally get fitter during these sessions but if you can start the 8-week course already fit you will be able to take full advantage of all the training sessions because you will be fit enough to spend the entire session training.

Ultra MMA bouts are 3 x 2-minute rounds so that’s what you need to be fit for. You don’t need to be going on 60-minute jogs to get you fit to fight for 8 minutes. We would always recommend starting your training before the 8-week FREE period if possible (but if you don’t its fine as you will be fairly matched) and you should certainly be doing more than just the free sessions once training starts.

In this blog we are going to give you some basic tips on how to train and more importantly how to recover to ensure that you can train hard and get super fit.


Make it short and sharp – Aim for 20 minute max sessions, if you only have 10 minutes free then do a 10 minute session but do it harder than you would usually. Remember to add on a warm-up and cool down and if your sessions are short they must be hard. You can visit our YouTube channel for sample workouts that are easy to follow with or without equipment.

Here are some tips on how to put a session together:

EMOM – Every-Minute-On-the-Minute. This is a great way to train intensely and could be for example, minute one 15 burpees/minute 2 20 squats. Start your timer and do the 15 burpees, the faster you do them the more rest you get, as soon as the timer hits 1 minute start your 20 squats, the sooner you do them the more rest you will get. You could then repeat this 5 times as an example. This approach can involve any exercises and any range of time, just make sure it’s hard.

Everyone will have a different fitness level so its important to pick a number of reps that’s appropriate to your fitness level, you should find it hard. Record your numbers each week and try to progress by beating them.

For time – Pick a set of exercises and simply do them as fast as you can. As you become more experienced you will have a good idea of how long a session will take and you will be able to plan them accurately. Different to an EMOM because you will effectively not get any total rest in this one, that means you may pace yourself a little. You could do something that you think will take 20 minutes, or something you think will take 2 minutes followed by a 30 second rest. Mix it up to keep it interesting and constantly challenge yourself.

AMRAP – As-Many-Rounds-As-Possible, this is similar to the For Time workout, where you will work constantly through the time period. Pick a set of movements and then do it as many times as you can in your set training time.

Work/rest periods – 20 second work / 10 seconds rest or 2 minutes work / 30 seconds rest. You can mix these up in almost any manner, if you are working hard it will make you fitter.

It’s good to mix the above methods up in different session because they all make you work differently and will all have slightly different benefits. On every session, you MUST warm-up and cool down.

There are lots of sample sessions over on the Ultra YouTube channel that you can easily follow and do almost anywhere.


This is just as important as the training, the better you can recover the harder you can train so you absolutely must make efforts to recover well. Here are some key tips:

Nutrition – Eat a natural, balanced diet that is high in protein aiming for 2 grams of protein per kg of body weight. For example, if you are 80kg you should consume 160g of protein a day.

Mobility – Mobility plays a key role in MMA so you must keep on top of it, it will also help reduce your chances of injury. You can follow a mobility workout here on Ultra YouTube channel.

Stretching – In the free sessions, the coaches will take you through stretches during your cool down. When you train on your own its important to always stretch after your session, follow our YouYube stretching sessions here.

Sleep – Aim for at least 8 hours of sleep per night, this is the best time for your body to recover. You can choose to watch some more Netflix or get some extra rest so that you recover better, in turn, will mean you can train harder.

Active recovery sessions – Once a week do a long steady session, going for a walk is ideal, it will help you to de-stress and relax as well as helping to flush waste products from your body. These recovery sessions can be longer sessions and should not be overly difficult.

Training and recovery go hand in hand, train hard and recover well and you will be able to train more and therefore get fitter, it is a simple process to stick to. Stick to it for 8 weeks and it will change your life.

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Professional fighters in the UFC typically wear 4oz (112g) gloves and amateurs tend to wear 6oz(168g) gloves. When compared to the 8-12oz gloves used in professional and amateur boxing this shows you how much less protection there is for the fighters, in both the fighter throwing the punches and the fighter receiving the blows.

At Ultra MMA as safety is our key priority, we have had custom 8oz gloves specially made for our events. Some of the key features are:

  • High-density foam over knuckles to reduce impact.
  • Foam over knuckles the same thickness as 16oz boxing gloves padding at knuckles.
  • All foam positioned over knuckles to ensure maximum protection where it is needed.
  • Pockets for fingers – We have specially developed gloves to help avoid fighters poking each other in the eyes when fighting whilst still giving them the movement to allow them to grapple.
Ultra MMA Gloves
Our specially designed Ultra MMA gloves can be purchased in our online store.

Ultra MMA is a great way for anyone to get involved in MMA, whether it is to raise money for charity, get fit, do something amazing or if you aspire for a career as a professional MMA fighter.

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