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Ultra MMA Gloves

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Ultra MMA gloves provide the same protection as 16oz boxing gloves. They are fingerless with a protective hood to prevent eye poking/gouging.

Product colour may vary.

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19 reviews for Ultra MMA Gloves

  1. David morgan (verified owner)

    Better than my old ones.

  2. Neil Perkins (verified owner)

    Love these, perfect for sparring.

  3. Richard Spooner (verified owner)

    Good, wish I bought the set now though iv realise how much it csts to buy seperate

  4. David Matthews (verified owner)

    I received the gloves two days after ordering and their working great

  5. Darren Mills (verified owner)

    These are great for training. I can stand up spar and do ground work in them, perfect gloves.

  6. Michael East (verified owner)

    Love the finger guards to help avoid eye pokes, but still allow grappling. Absolutely mint for sparring boxing and take down to groundwork.

  7. Tyler Carr

    Good quality bundle have been really good for the training

  8. Laura Markham (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and nice logo. They fit really well.

  9. Liam Slater (verified owner)

    Incredible gloves, absolutely ideal for sparring – stand up and groundwork.

  10. David Longman (verified owner)

    Perfect for sparring. I highly recommend these.

  11. Lauren Perkins (verified owner)

    I use these for sparring, they have big padding for boxing and I can still do groundwork in them. Nice branding too.

  12. Dan

    Buying these for training and sparring

  13. steve davies

    I bought these gloves ready to take part in an event, they have been brilliant. really thick padding to protect my hands and they are great for sparring.

  14. Trevor Crossmore

    Doing this to raise money for cancer research & buying this product to support ultra events

  15. Andy

    Doing this to raise money for cancer research and for the experience

  16. scott hoyle

    doing this to help raise funds for cancer reasearch uk

  17. Edvin

    Doing this for fun and an experience and help raise funds for Cancer Research UK

  18. Joe Yates

    Best I’ve come to ever

  19. Ergi

    Doing this for fun and an experience and help raise funds for Cancer Research UK

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